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Mach-21 will give university students an opportunity to develop practical, hands-on mechanical and electronics skills, with industrial technical support provided to the teams remotely.


  • Based at a future spaceport, Mach-21 will include a careers accelerator event supported by national space companies.

  • The rocket-based event will see undergraduate students design, build and launch a simulation of a real satellite integrated within the volume and shape of a can – also known as a CanSat. These will be launched up to 450 metres by a small sounding rocket provided by Raptor Aerospace.

  • Students who successfully participate in the event will improve their teamworking skills, practical and mechanical engineering skills, take part in rocket launches and gain an insight into careers in the UK Space Sector.

Join us at Machrihanish Airbase from the 14-16th July 2021 to launch your way into success!