Frequently Asked Questions

We will be updating the FAQ page as questions get asked. Please see our responses below:

Can we enter more than one team from a university?

Universities are able to apply for one team for each size of CanSat - so a maximum of two teams will be allowed per university. 

Can a professor / member of faculty attend too?

Yes. Teams are made up of 6 students and 1 member of academic staff will also be allowed to attend with the team.

What are plans in case of disruption from Covid-19?

Whilst we would like to remain optimistic that by July 2021 the situation will have improved, we are currently taking this into very serious consideration. The safety of teams is very important to us and we will be reviewing plans for the event as the government guidelines in place change. Although our teams are currently set at 6 members, it may be that a reduced number are able to attend the event to comply with social distancing regulations. 

If the event can't run, will I still get to launch my CanSat?

Yes. We will do our best to re-schedule the CanSat launch if the event cannot run in July 2021.

What if I can't finish my CanSat in time due to restrictions at my university?

We will still allow the CanSat to launch, as long as it is safe to do so, even if it was not able to be finished.

Can I attend the conference without entering a CanSat?

No. Attendance to the conference is only possible through a CanSat entry. The main focus of this event is the CanSat design, build and launch - with the Space Careers Conference acting as a bonus for participants to find out more information about careers in the space sector.

Can postgraduate students attend?

This event is aimed at undergraduate students. However, as long as the majority of your team consists of undergraduate students we will allow entry (i.e if you are a team of 6, a maximum of 2 postgraduate students can be part of the team). 

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